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Pobe-s are breeders of bichon frisÚ since 1985  |  svenska  flaggasvenska


bichon frisÚ

A puppy is the sweetest thing and brings a lot of joy to all of us. However it is important to remember that this adorable puppy within a year will become a teenager. During its first year it should learn most of the things about life and it is your responsibility to teach it. A dog is not obedient by nature, it won't be housebroken by itself and it can not walk itself. To be able to grow up as a nice, obedient dog it will need you teach it what is acceptable and what is not. Keep in mind that the puppy is entitled to most of your attention during the first time in its new home. Take puppy classes if you like! It is educational for both you and your puppy. You will also have to learn the skill of how to groom your dog. It is important whether you want to be a bichon-owner or the owner of an irish soft coated wheaten terrier. Of course we will teach you this skill, but sometimes the new owner is too excited about their new puppy and our information is too much to handle. This is why we, whenever we get the chance, keep repeating the information and the grooming skills.

More puppy pictures. Enjoy!

bichonvalpar bichonvalpar

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