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Pobe-s are breeders of bichon frisé since 1985  |  svenska  flaggasvenska


bichon frisé

Pobe-s breed several litters per year. If you are interested in buying a puppy from us and you are living in another country than Sweden we would prefer if you e-mail or write us first. See adresses and telephone numbers below.

Picture to the right:
House in Nybro, Sweden.

We are Pobe-s!

Berit Jonsson
Skogslund, Södra Sävsjö 506
382 94 NYBRO
e-post: berit@pobe.nu

Viktoria Möller
Trädvägen 18
352 53 VÄXJÖ
phone: +46 470 831 52
e-post: viktoria@pobe.nu

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