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Pobe-s are breeders of bichon frisÚ since 1985  |  svenska  flaggasvenska


bichon frisÚ

Bichon frisÚ belongs to the non sporting group FCI. The breed itself came to Sweden in the late 1970s. The name dates back to the 1930s but one can trace this breed with help from artwork and historical documents way back following the name bichon teneriffe. Their past among royalties, as their precious pets as well as in the circus. The bichon gets its powder puff appearance due to regular bathing and grooming. The bichon suits the salon in your home as well as for a casual walk and he will gladly share your wild life experiences with you.

Typical for the breed:
White, soft and silky coat with black nose and dark eyes. Not over 30 cm high.

Bichon FrisÚ is a happy dog with many talents!

Emil, Notte och Fanny

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