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slicker, comb

Your most important grooming utensils you need to groom your bichon are the slicker, the comb and of course the nail clipper. If you are planning to learn the art of trimming your dog yourself you will also need a sharp pair of scissors of good quality. Comb your dog every day and use whatever utensils you need on every spot needed. If you make this a daily routine your dog won't steel a large amount of your time and usually your dog really likes it.


The bath

Comb your dog to make sure there are no knots in the coat. We find that the easiest way to do this is by placing the dog on its side. It is important to reach everywhere and you will find your dog relaxed. Finish up by combing the coat with a narrow comb.


Shower the dog

If you or your dog is not used to the bathing procedure, put some wool in the ears before you start. Shower the dog with water and use a schampoo of good quality being nice to the skin.


Watch the eyes

Schampoo your dog twice and finish up with a really good conditioner. Don't forget the head but remember to be careful around the eyes. If your dog should unfortunately get schampoo in its eyes, rinse carefully with water.


Rinse, rinse, rinse

Rinse very well and for several minutes. Use a clean towel to dry off your dog.


Blow-dry the coat straight and dry

Blow-dry the coat completely dry. Straighten the coat with the slicker while blow-drying at the same time. If you are very accurate the result will be a coat very easy to groom. Keep in mind to have at least a 30 cm distance between the dog and the blow-drier. Use a medium temperature on your drier. Finish every bath with nail trimming. Also keep in mind to check the ears for hair. You can remove this with your fingers or use a suitable utensil.

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