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The Irish soft coated wheaten terrier has various kinds of coat structure. There is the Irish type that is soft and silky on the adult dog and a little harsh on the puppy. Then there is the second type, the American type with a woolly coat. It is also quite common with a mixed coat, a coat somewhere between the Irish and the American type.

To be able to groom the wheaten you need a comb and a slicker. Especially during the time when they grow up, daily grooming is required to keep the knots far away. When the dog gets its adult coat, grooming once a week can be enough.

to the right:
On top: A youngster of Irish type. Down below: A puppy of American type.


The bath

You should give your dog a bath once a month. Use a schampoo of good quality and finish up with a really nice conditioner. Make sure that your dog has no knots before you put him or her in the tub.

Schampoo the coat twice. Then use a conditioner suitable for your dog's type of coat. Rinse very carefully. Dry the dog with a towel and comb the dog while the coat is still wet.



A wheaten requires trimming every other month. The coat will then become beautiful and easy to groom. Ask you breeder or take a class if you are interested in learning the trimming skill.



It is of equal importance to groom the coat and activate you wheaten. Chose whatever activity suitable. Take a class at your local dog club.

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